Engraving Gallery Lindsay Made serial #001
Made and Engraved by Steve J. Lindsay

This knife locking design/mechanism uses a sliding lock bar and a pivoting button release.  To release the blade in this design one pulls/rolls the release back.   The blade and lock bar are made from heat treated ATS-34 stainless.  The knife handle is from heat treated 416 stainless.  The pins, T slot holders and spring are made from fire blued heat treated 01 tool steel.  In on of the photos below is a photograph of the knife apart.  This is a screw together knife design with a great deal of thought in the design so that there are not any holes leading all the way through to the outside.  All holes are blind from the inside.  The screws are accessed by reaching in from the bottom (into the blade opening) to set screws.  One side of the knife handle and the center portion of the knife (the back block, top block and blade bushing) are milled from one block and thus are one piece.   Replacment Price: $53,000

The overall open length of the knife measures 5 1/4". Blade length is just over 2 3/8". The handle inlets are gold lip pearl. 

lindsay apart copy.jpg (75040 bytes)
Above photo is of the knife taken apart showing blind holeT-slots and sliding lock.

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