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Gene Clark watches engraved by Steve Lindsay

Steve Lindsay engraved three watches for Gene Clark.  When Lynton McKenzie became ill he recommended Gene have Steve engrave Gene's future watches. Their completion dates were:

1st - 5/16/1998
2nd - 5/3/1999 (No. 32)
3rd - 5/26/2001

Lynton McKenzie passed away 2/9/1999
Gene Clark passed away 4/12/2006

The process is described by Steve.  For the lay out process I did not try to lay out directly on the faces.  Instead, I measured the diameters of the dial to be engraved and drew the numerals in AutoCAD. Once the lay out was completed, I used my custom written autolisp program to create gcodes for the tool paths. I then scratched the layout with a cnc mill on a polished scrap plate with a scribe. Once scratched, I engraved over the scratches in order to deepen the lines, so that they would hold ink.  Then I could make an ink pull from the plates and transfer it to the watch dials and hand engrave them. I used the my father and my AirGraver and various designed handpieces made by my father and myself starting in the 70's. 

The 3rd watch engraving in 2001 was video taped through the microscope.

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1st Gene Clark watch engraved by Steve Lindsay - engraving completed date: 5/16/1998
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Gene Clark watch (No. 32)  engraved by Steve Lindsay
Engraving completed date:
Note: This watch was auctioned at Sotherby's for $62,500
in 2013. Link The auction listing had incorrect information that Lynton engraved it.  That is incorrect, as Steve engraved it.   Lynton had passed away earlier (2/9/1999).   Steve began engraving Gene's watches with Lynton's recommendation to in early 1998 when Lynton became ill. 
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Above is the drawing page from coreldraw that Steve made and sent to Gene so he could let Steve know which layout he liked best for the project. To the right is the letter (dated 4/22/1999) that accompanied the drawing.  On 4/30/1999 Gene called about which of the layouts he liked, and Steve started engraving the project then.  The date 4/30/1999 was determined  by the file date of a second coreldraw drawing after hearing Gene's selection of the layout on  that file.

No. 32 case and plate with Gene's writing as sent to Steve for engraving

3rd Gene Clark
watch engraved by Steve Lindsay
Engraving completed date:
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Gene shellaced the jeweled pieces on the scrap plate when he sent it to Steve.  He scratched on "Clark" and "USA" for Steve's instructions.   See letter above.   Steve clamped directly on the scrap plates in his positioning engraving vise. 


          Copyright 2010 Steve J. Lindsay, All rights reserved.